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We are excited for the second edition of RISING - our online wellness festival! The festival is donation based in order for the workshops to be accessible to the broader community. Rising brings together healers from different parts of the world. We are creating new spaces for community during evolving times. Our offerings include: wellness workshops, yoga, live music, functional movement, community sangha and meditation classes. 


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Friday September 25th
8am - 9:30am KENYASynergy Vinyasa with Salim Rollins
11am - 12:30pm EDT
Synergy Vinyasa with Francisco Morales-Bermudez
12:30pm - 1:30pm EDT
Slum Dance Africa: Breakdance & Community Building in Kenya with Victor Onyango Atieno
5pm - 6pm EDT
Tibetan Buddhism: Progressive Stages of Meditation with Carlos Ferreyros
6pm - 7pm EDT
Yin Yoga and Sound Healing with Kerry Cataline

 Saturday September 26th
10am - 11am EDT
The Philosophy of Synergy Movement with Jonal Lartigue & Lev Shamberg 
11am - 12pm EDT
Discover Your Inner Sanctuary Through Mindfulness with Dominique Sade
12pm - 1pm EDT
Dharma Yoga with Dov Vargas
1pm - 2pm EDT
Living Through Radiance: an Introduction to Kundalini Yoga with Siri Rishi
3pm - 4pm EDT
The Mayan Culture's Message for Today with Avelino May Xul 
4pm - 5pm EST
Yoga in our Current Moment with Broderick Rodell
7pm - 7pm EDT
Moving with Purpose: Dance Focus  with Vania Masias 
  Sunday September 27th
11am - 12pm EDT
Synergy Movement with Jonal Lartigue
12pm - 1pm EDT
Goddess Rising: The Future is Feminine with Sapna Chandaria 
1pm - 3pm EDT
Circle of Elders with Renee Neblett; Tumu Naleialoha; Audrey Peterman; Maya Breuer; and Bryant Rollins
3pm - 4pm EDT
Taoist Practice Foundation with Joshua Bee Alafia
4pm - 5pm EDT
Green Stretch Pen: Mind-Body Exercises for Instant Relief & Clarity with Anatole Nguyen
5pm - 6pm EDT
Exhale into Bliss – A Daily Pranayama Practice with Jack Westerholt
6:30pm - 7:30pm EDT
El Sonido como Portal: reflexiones desde la tradicion andina

Sound as a Portal: Reflexions of the Andean Tradition with Tito la Rosa